Welcome to Villari’s Self Defense Center!

School Philosophy:

Here we strive to create a fun and dynamic atmosphere for kids and adults as well as build confidence through modern and practice self defense technique. And there is a very simple philosophy here. The greatest gift of learning self defense is Confidence.
At Villari’s in Biddeford we believe there’s no better gift that is given to a person who devotes his or her time to self defense, than confidence. Confidence in one’s self is not only limited to feeling safe in a physical confrontation but will strengthen every other aspect of ones life as well and help promote a healthier, happier life. And here at Villari’s we have effective and modern ways to help build this for kids and adults.

We also talk about and practice the 5 rules of the school:






Our School:

Here at Villari’s we teach Shaolin Kempo Karate by using the four ways of fighting: striking, kicking, felling and grappling.

Our classes are small, friendly and relaxed and our instructors are supportive and knowledgeable. Choose from private lessons or group lessons to fit your schedule and needs.

For the young students, we design classes to help promote self-control, discipline and respect for others. The classes also designed to help inform students about dealing with anger and bullying, which is a growing danger to our young people.

And for the adults, we offer classes to help fit whatever your goals are: fitness, self defense, social interaction, etc. The adult program keeps with our traditional routes in addition to challenging students to help them figure out what defending yourself really means today.

321 Elm St, Biddeford, ME 04005
(207) 282-2532

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